Policy Features – Engineering Insurance & Inspection cover

If the property you are insuring has a communal lift or communal boiler, you are legally obliged to have them periodically inspected by an independent competent person. At Residents Insurance Services Limited, we deal with accredited Engineering Insurers who offer an inspection service, and Engineering Insurance cover.
These two cover options can be taken out independently or together depending on your requirements:

  1. Inspection cover (for lifts and boilers):

The Inspection Service ensures that you are meeting two key legal regulations:

  • The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 (for lifts)
  • The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000 (for boilers)

An independent qualified engineering surveyor will visit the property and advise you as to what maintenance (if any) needs to be done and also advise on suitable operation instructions.

  1. Inspection Insurance – sudden and unforeseen damage (for lifts and boilers):

This policy covers lifts and boilers for unexpected damage caused by breakdown and accidental damage.

The benefits and main features of this insurance are as follows:

Covers boiler or lift for sudden and unforeseen damage (including Accidental Damage, Breakdown, Explosion or Collapse)

  • Damage to the property of the insured caused directly by the lift or boiler.
  • Temporary Removal costs – Limit: £50,000
  • Debris Removal Costs
  • Additional costs for temporary repair – Limit: £5,000
  • Hired in plant – Limit £10,000


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