Residents Insurance Services Limited is part of a group of companies that own a substantial portfolio of residential properties. We understand exactly how important it is to have the peace of mind that your property is in the hands of experts in property owners insurance. General brokers will not have the experience and insight into the importance of insurance protection and added value that we can offer. We understand the importance of striking a balance between competitive, realistic premiums, and attractive management rebates for portfolios. We also pride ourselves on our successful, long term client relationships as a result of our personal, professional and high quality customer service.


    • We are genuinely specialist in blocks of flats insurance – that’s all we’ve done since 2000. Our parent company is a major freeholder group.
    • Delegated underwriting authority – We hold delegated underwriting authority with certain insurers. These insurers trust our competence and expertise to allow us to incept policies on their behalf and without referring to them (subject to agreed limits) which allows us to provide typically faster quotes and service to block managers.

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